Le Mervetty Beverly Hills

In a city with more cupcake shops than you can count it was quite refreshing to discover this little gem. Le Mervetty in Beverly Hills has perfected the round ball of goodness known throughout France as the Merveillux. It is quite difficult to describe other than to say they begin with meringue and add scrumptious ingredients such \as praline, fresh strawberries, Nutella, coffee and Belgium white chocolate. The finished product is light and fluffy and not overly sweet as many desserts tend to be. The flavors are subtle yet distinct. They come in different sizes. Pryor Events are fans of Le Mervetty.


We like to schedule a sample tabletop meeting prior to our client’s weddings and events. At this meeting we make decisions on what their tables are going to look like. We bring in pretty options for linen, chairs, chargers, glassware, candles and of course flowers for this meeting. We like to hold the meeting at the florists so that any changes in flowers can be made on site. The meetings are fun and productive and we love seeing our client’s faces when they see their potential table for the first time. At a recent tabletop meeting for a bride who is getting married this summer “Jackson” the resident puppy at Hidden Garden chose his favorite chair. This chair may need to change its name to The Jackson Chair…

Party Hors d’Oeuvres

We Love good food and so do your guests. Taste is the most important element. What you serve at your wedding or event should be fresh and in season. Bonus points if it’s also pretty but taste should be number one. Make sure Hors d’Oeuvres are bite sized and easy to eat. It’s fun to offer an eclectic selection but also make sure there are items that your guests can easily recognize. Offer gluten free and vegetarian options. variety is the spice of life – serve an assortment of hot and cold appetizers but concentrate on heartier fare in the chillier months and lighter items during summer. We like tray passing most items but stations can be fun too. Guests love fun serving vessels, just make sure there are servers ready to pick them up after the food is eaten. It is important that your servers know all of the ingredients in the items they are serving.

Gorgeous Cupcakes

Love these sugar flowers. Dazzled Cupcakes does incredible work with sugar. Aren’t these amazing! Dazzled Cupcakes has been called the Vera Wang of Cupcakes.