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Dogs in Weddings – Wedding Planner Los Angeles, Julie Pryor

Our furry friends have a special place in our hearts so of course many of our clients wish to incorporate them into their weddings. This can be truly wonderful and special and should work out great with a little preparation. A few things to keep in mind. Dogs are unpredictable. If you are the type of bride who will worry about what your dog may or may not do when it’s time to walk down the aisle then you may want to leave your little love at home.

If you choose to have your dog walk in your wedding make sure to have someone ready to escort him at the end of the aisle. This should be someone that the dog is very familiar with. Treats can help quite a bit.  Do not tie your wedding rings on your dog’s collar for reasons that are most likely obvious.

Make sure to order a floral collar and leash from your florist. Let your photographers know in advance that your pet will be in your wedding so that they can find suitable locations for pre-wedding photos. Plan for your dog to rest in a cool spot prior to your wedding ceremony.

If you are planning a destination wedding or you know that your little one will not be happy participating, do not despair. There are a few other fun ways to represent your dog or cat at your wedding. One of our clients named a specialty drink after their dog and displayed a big photo of him on the bar. Several clients have had photos of their pets on their programs. Your favors are another fun way for your fur-ball to make an appearance, whether you incorporate a picture or paw prints. You can even save pets’ lives by making a donation in guests’ names to your favorite rescue organization. Ask a calligrapher to design a sign letting guests know. Above all, do what makes you the happiest and have fun on your most special day.