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Los Angeles Wedding Planning for an Outdoor Venue

There is something quite magical about saying I Do under a blue sky followed by dinner al fresco and dancing under the stars. Whether you are planning a home wedding, a hotel wedding, or a destination wedding on a tropical beach, planning an outdoor celebration requires extra thought.

Outdoor Wedding Planning

Always make sure you have a backup plan for your outdoor wedding in case of inclement weather. Even in Southern California where it rarely rains, it is important to have an indoor option or a tent. Provide shade during the day if your ceremony will be in the sun. Make sure to order plenty of heaters for the evening as there’s nothing worse than being cold. Baskets of pashminas and cozy blankets are also appreciated. Offer heel protectors for ladies if guests will be walking on grass.

Visit your wedding location in advance at the time of your ceremony as well as later in the evening. We do a walkthrough with the lighting company to assess what’s needed to enhance the space visually as well as functionally. Lighting is an important element of the overall look and feel so make sure this is a priority. Also, check in advance for pesky flies and mosquitos and make sure to spray the area in advance and remove any standing water. Misting of essential oil such as lemon eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree oil deter mosquitos. Pots of garlic and Citronella candles help as well.

If your wedding venue has an early curfew, consider taking your party inside for a continuation of the evening. It’s fun to change up the music at this point. Hire a different band or a D.J. for the remainder of the evening.  When planning outdoor weddings, we often bring in lounge furniture and great lighting so that the space feels different than the wedding dinner. An after-dinner coffee cart with hot and iced drinks and a specialty Tequila or Whisky bar will be appreciated.  Guests enjoy being served late night snacks right on the dance floor. Favorite bites include cones of hot salty fries, mini tacos, sundaes in shot glasses, frozen grapes, thin crust pizza and wedges of grilled cheese.

It is considerate to alert guests in advance that your wedding will be outdoors.  This is best mentioned on your wedding website.

Above all have fun, enjoy your special wedding location and embrace in the fact that your wedding is uniquely yours.