wedding planning first steps

Wedding Planning: The First Steps

Congratulations! You have met the partner of your dreams and you have a stunning ring on your finger.  Now what?

Hiring your wedding planner should definitely be your first step.  Some of our clients reach out in the middle of their wedding planning process.  While this is certainly fine it is most beneficial to work with a wedding planner from the beginning to guide you with important early decisions.

Below are some things to begin thinking about before your initial wedding planning meeting.

What time of year would you like to get married?

Your location may dictate this but if you have a favorite season then by all means think about planning your wedding around this time of year. When you picture your dream wedding day do you see an outdoor summer wedding or an indoor winter wedding?This is not as much an issue in sunny Southern California as in other areas, but the season can still affect the overall feel of your wedding.  It is also a good idea to check with both of your immediate families to make sure there are not any conflicts with your desired wedding date.

Are your favorite flowers available during the season you are considering?

Most flowers are now available all year long but some favorites such as peonies are only in bloom during specific months. Think about the background in your wedding pictures which you will have forever. Many of these pictures are taken outdoors in natural light, when possible.

Do you have a wedding location or a type of venue in mind?

This can range from your family home to a tropical island to a classic hotel or private club.  Do you gravitate towards unique spaces or are you more of a traditional couple? Is there a location that holds special meaning to you? Perhaps the location where you got engaged or spent wonderful vacations… We love destination weddings and find that couples and guests have more fun when the celebration lasts several days. Destination weddings are not for everyone though. Think about whether the most important people on your wedding guest list will be able to make the trip.

How many guests will you be inviting?

This may seem like an easy question but can often prove to be a challenge. Speak to your families and try to get an idea of their expectations but make sure that if an intimate wedding is important to you that you do not end up planning a huge wedding for 350 guests. It is best to invite people that are truly special to you but that is not always possible due to career and family obligations.

Do you have an approximate budget or range you would like to spend?

Many of our clients do not have an actual number but a range is certainly helpful.  In 2020 there are no rules when it comes to wedding planning.  Often families share the cost of the wedding and some of our engaged couples pay for the entire wedding on their own.  The subject of who is going to pay for your wedding can be difficult to discuss and should be brought up tactfully.  Whatever works in your specific situation and family dynamic is right as long as everyone is on the same page.

After you have thought about the subjects above it is time to select your wedding planner.

It is a good idea to meet with at least two wedding planners before you make your decision. Rest assured that it’s fine if you do not have any clear ideas at this point. Some of our clients have been planning their weddings since they learned to talk and others have absolutely no idea what they desire. You should feel comfortable with your wedding planner and be able to talk freely about all things wedding related.

– Look at the company website and Instagram and make sure they do not plan cookie cutter weddings that all look the same.

– It is important to work with someone who has years of experience in wedding planning, and who is available for your questions, both large and small. Many of the things that come up both in planning as well as on your wedding day can only be dealt with successfully by someone who has many years of experience.

This is an important and exciting time in your lives. Enjoy the entire process and above all have fun!