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Planning an At-Home Wedding

One of the first tasks after saying “I do” is choosing your wedding location. While hotels and clubs have their own advantages, there is something quite special about having your wedding at a private home. Whether it’s the house you grew up in, a place you vacationed at or a house that you are renting, a home can be a special backdrop for your wedding day. …

A home can be a blank slate that will be completely private. Your wedding photos will not look like other couple’s pictures. You will be able to bring in your own catering which can be a big benefit as well.

Below are a few things to consider when planning your home wedding:

Does the property have space for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception?

If space is an issue it may be possible to utilize the same area for both your ceremony and reception. Another option is to have only your ceremony and cocktail hour at the home and your reception at a separate location.

Take a good look at the home well in advance. Could it use a fresh coat of paint, a replanting, new fixtures?

Take care of all repairs including landscaping well in advance of your wedding day.

Make sure to let your neighbors know of your plans in advance. 

A sweet note with a pretty plant or a bottle of wine can go a long way. We have even sent more concerned neighbors off to a local hotel for the wedding night.

Turn sprinklers off at least a day before set-up. 

Make sure sprinklers stay turned off until after your rentals are picked up.

Lighting is one of the most important elements of a wedding and is often overlooked.

Hiring a professional lighting company will allow your flowers and other décor to really pop. If your wedding will be held at night make sure the lighting company visits the property in the evening to assess the existing lighting. You will want your lighting to be both functional and gorgeous.

Have an electrician check to make sure your property has ample power for your vendor’s needs.

In addition to power for your band and lighting, things like coffee makers can use a lot of power. If additional power is needed, your wedding planner can easily bring in a generator.

Stock bathrooms with extra guest towels, hand soap and toilet paper.

Hire someone to clean and restock the bathrooms.  And make sure your wedding planner has your plumber’s contact information just in case.

Consider Valet Parking.

While many of your guests will prefer Uber and Lyft it is still considerate to offer valet parking, especially if parking is restricted or limited in the area.


Most importantly, have fun and enjoy every minute!