Tea at Hotel Bel-Air

Afternoon tea is a special treat that is nice to share with dear friends.
Pryor Events is  partial to the tea at Hotel Bel-Air – one of our favorite locations. Hotel Bel-Air is a tranquil oasis that is part of the city yet worlds away. Every meal is prepared and presented with the highest level of care. Tea is served every Friday and Saturday afternoon.

Their afternoon tea consists of an array of savory and sweets.
The delectable bites include Maryland blue crab with herb remoulade,  house cured smoked salmon with dill cream on brioche, applewood smoked pork belly with wild mushroom duxelle and grilled gruyere on sourdough with shaved black  truffles. Your sweet tooth will be more than satisfied with sour cherry, blueberry and buttermilk-almond  scones with homemade jam and delectable dark chocolate and burnt caramel tarts. Of course there is an incredible selection of loose tea as well.

Orcas Island

I do not typically Blog about personal vacations, however I  wanted to share this magical island. I just returned from spending a few days on Orcas Island. Orcas is part of The San Juan Island chain. Orcas is off the coast of the state of Washington and reached via ferry service, boat or seaplane.
We spent a couple enjoyable days in Seattle and then took a ferry from Anacortes, Washington – an easy drive from Seattle. It was fun driving our rental car right onto the huge ferry.
 We stayed at Rosario Resort. Rosario was everything you would hope to find in an island hotel.
This stunning property was originally built as a private home by  Robert Moran. Moran was the former mayor of Seattle and founder of a huge ship building firm. After he was told he was very ill and would die within a year, he moved to Orcas Island. Mr. Moran thrived on this tranquil island and he lived for many more years. He was a huge presence on Orcas. He built roads and bridges and made sure that much of the island would remain untouched.  
Rosario provides the perfect blend of comfort and beauty without feeling like it’s trying too hard as many hotels do. We had an extraordinary view of the sea. It was especially wonderful in the evening as the lights of the boats anchored in the harbor complemented the sky full of stars.  
You can explore the original rooms of the mansion which now serve as a museum. The resort boasts  a full spa and  indoor and outdoor pools, yet the hotel manages to capture the unassuming feel of this island. Deer roam the grounds, wildflowers bloom and the magic of the sea is within reach.
I was told that the current private owners adored the resort so much they bought it from a large hotel management company several years ago.
My hope is that the room rates will not go up and that the owners will continue to preserve the original charm.
Pryor Events are big fans of Orcas Island and Rosario Resort.

A very friendly deer enjoying a snack.

A view from the highest point on the islands –  Mt. Constitution on Orcas
 The island is  larger than I expected it to be. There are quaint shops and wonderful cafes and restaurants. All of our meals were good but our favorites were Allium and Olga’s Café. Our dinner at Allium was quite perfect. Much of the incredibly fresh produce is grown on the island. You will not see a single chain business. After seeing a Starbucks nearly every two blocks in Seattle this was a welcome relief. I am looking forward to returning to this special island.

Pasadena Anthropologie

Such a lovely display at Pasadena Anthropologie.
How much fun would it be to recreate this for a wedding or a party!
Pryor Events are big fans of Anthro.

Flores on Sawtelle

New restaurants seem to open up almost daily in L A. 
Some are decent and many are mediocre.
We had a pleasant surprise when we tried a new one that we really liked – Flores on Sawtelle Blvd. in west L.A. Flores has taken over the Sawtelle Kitchen spot. They have done an amazing job with the remodel which features rustic wood and great surfaces.

Flores is a great space – both inside and out.

The private patio at Flores.

Flores has only been open a week but  we didn’t experience any of the typical kinks many new restaurants suffer through. The staff was very welcoming and helpful with the menu. We ordered several menu items and shared them. We went heavy on seafood. There is also salad, roast chicken, steak, charcuterie and  Spanish meat balls on the menu.

Housemade pickles served in a glass jar –
These were actually pickled mini vegetables. They had a  nice vinegar taste.

Cheese Plate – three types of delicious cheese was presented with great bread and a dollop of honey.

Grilled Prawns –
Whole shrimp in the shell with salty-spicy seasoning on top.

Mussels –
Fragrant and delicious. The light curry broth was perfect for dipping the crispy bread.

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich –
Our favorite! Succulent fresh crab with avocado and green tomatoes on just baked bread.

Pryor Events are fans of Flores!

One Kings Lane – unique seating

Such a great piece on today’s One Kings Lane.
This Colette tufted bench is a fun addition for home décor or seating for a party.

Connie and Ted’s


I walked into Connie and Ted’s with high expectations.
Connie and Ted’s is the brand new seafood restaurant in West Hollywood opened by Michael Cimarusti of Providence.
While L A certainly has more than its share of restaurants, what we have lacked is a place that serves delicious, authentic east coast seafood in a casual setting.

 Connie and Ted’s is being billed as a seafood shack reminiscent of eateries that dot the east coast. Having eaten my share of seafood  on The Cape, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, The Jersey Shore and The Hamptons I can assure you Connie and Ted’s does not resemble a single one. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The restaurant is large, modern and  comfortable. The open kitchen and enormous oyster bar are quite impressive. I sat on the pleasant patio. Finally, someone thought to provide overhead heating for the majority of the outdoor tables.

I was joined by my daughter Christie who has enjoyed seafood since she learned to walk.
The meal began with an appetizing assortment of the three types of chowda that they serve.
New England and Manhattan Chowder were joined by a clear Rhode Island chowder. They were all delicious.
The crab cake was seasoned perfectly and filled with delicious lump crab-meat. My favorite part of the meal were the fried whole belly clams. I rarely eat fried food (French fries don’t count, right?) so when I do, it better be good. These did not disappoint. There was just enough breading so that the taste of the clam came through.
The fries were crispy and piping hot.
Even the oyster crackers tasted homemade.

Our waiter Russell and everyone we came in contact with was extremely friendly and professional. They all seemed as if they cared and really wanted to be working at the restaurant.

In addition to a huge selection of raw oysters, they also serve baked oysters three different ways. Lobster is on the menu as well as hot or cold lobster roll, Portuguese Fish Stew, clam and mussel marinara  and Wild Montauk Fluke. Steamers, also known as Ipswich Clams are one of my favorite things to eat. Unfortunately they had not come in on the day I visited but they are listed on the menu. Burgers, steak and salads will keep non seafood lovers happy.
I look forward to visiting again very soon.
Pryor Events are definitely fans of Connie and Ted’s.


                   The impressive open kitchen at Connie and Ted’s

The Top Five

When we begin working with new clients at 
Pryor Events we always ask for their priorities – the specific elements of their event that are most important to them.

The following are the top five items that come up most often – in no particular order. We could not agree more!

1. Lighting


Most of our clients tell us they love candlelight. In reality, the glow that is perceived as candlelight is most often from professional lighting. You can have the most gorgeous flowers in the land but without great lighting they will look flat and not show up. Lighting simply makes a huge difference in indoor and outdoor spaces.

2. Photography                 

At the end of the day you are left with your memories and your pictures. It is important to hire a photographer who takes great photos and is also easy to work with. You should like not only their photos but your photographer’s personality as well. We refer photographers who do not pose our clients. Hire the best photographer that you possibly can.

3. Food   

Food is important. It does not need to be fancy or complicated but it needs to be fresh, seasoned perfectly and delicious. Even if you are having a barbecue with friends and serving burgers – make sure they are the very best burgers. Always offer vegetarian options. It is considerate to ask guests who are attending smaller parties if they have any food allergies. You would not want to invite someone who is allergic to shellfish to a Clambake!


4. Ambiance               

The feel of the room when guests enter will set the mood for the entire evening. Be creative – have fun with it and most of all let it reflect your own personality and style. It is not about how much you spend or trying to cover every inch of a room. Sometimes less is more.

5. Music

Whether you hire a live band or a dj, give them a must play list as well as a do not play list.  Begin compiling your list as soon as you start to plan your party. Guests typically have a better time if their evening includes dancing. If you would like guests to dance, make sure you include songs that encourage dancing. As the host or hostess, if you get out on the dance floor your guests will follow.

Summer Must Haves

Summer is upon us. Even if you live in Southern California where it can be 80 degrees in January, there is just something special about summer. Perhaps it brings back memories of school ending for a few months or your favorite shore home as a child or just long lazy days at the beach.
All of us at Pryor Events simply love summer.

Here are a few of our favorites for our favorite season…


These Tory Burch sandals will look great with your most loved summer dresses



This Floppy Hat from J Crew is great for travel. It comes in sun-washed pink, natural and navy.
The wide brim makes it great for the sun.


Trader Joe’s Gazpacho is filled with fresh vegetables and the perfect amount of spice. It’s light and refreshing.

This graphic Two’s Company beach tote is just the right size for all of your essentials.
It comes in several fun colors and patterns.   

Another versatile beach tote.

Last but not least – it wouldn’t be summer without ice pops! Why not make your own? Follow this easy recipe from Martha Stewart –


1 peach, cut into 1/2-inch slices (1/2 cup)
2 kiwis, peeled and sliced into 1/4-inch rounds
3/4 cup strawberries, finely chopped
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup raspberries
1 1/2 to 2 cups of fruit punch or 100 percent white-grape juice


1. Combine fruit in a mixing bowl and arrange the mixture into eight 3-ounce popsicle molds.
2. Pour enough juice into each mold to just cover fruit.
3. Insert popsicle sticks and freeze until solid (about six hours).
Servings: 8

Enjoy your summer!

The Larder at Burton Way

Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne have done it again.
The Larder at Burton Way is a delightful cafe that features
a tempting assortment of savory and sweets.
It is located in Caruso Affiliates new luxury building – 8500 Burton Way. There is also a brand new Trader Joe’s next door.
The menu consists of fresh salads, burgers, interesting sides and a wonderful selection of cheese and charcuterie. 
Sandwiches are on the freshest bread you will find anyplace.
You can create your own or choose from the tempting combinations of their signature sandwiches.
Their herb roasted chicken is delicious.
Word has it that an offshoot is opening at LAX very soon.
Pryor Events are fans of The Larder at Burton Way

The appetizing interior of The Larder at Burton Way

                              The day’s selection of fresh bread and sweets


One of the best Charcuterie plates in town

Comfort Food at its Best

A winning combination at 25 Degrees

Tomato  Soup and a perfectly melted grilled cheese sandwich is probably the ultimate in comfort food. This one is from 25 Degrees at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. They are known for their burgers which are fantastic, but also have healthy alternatives such as a flavorful and delicious kale salad. In a town where many restaurants close on the early side, this eatery is open 24 hours. The name 25 degrees comes from the fact that the difference in temperature between a medium rare and a medium burger is 25 degrees.
Pryor Events are fans of 25 Degrees.

The interior of the friendly and fun 25 Degrees.