Crossroads West Hollywood

I often hear people rave about restaurants only to try them and walk away disappointed with the food. Last night I had dinner at Crossroads Kitchen in West Hollywood. This wonderful restaurant did not disappoint. Chefs Tal Ronnen and Scot Jones are brilliant. 
I was impressed with the food which was seasonal and fresh and quite tasty. Each dish was appetizing and satisfying.

Crossroads specializes in Mediterranean small plates. They do wonders with vegetables. We began our meal with a velvety cauliflower bisque that was amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed the Mediterranean Vegetable pot pie which 
consisted of winter root vegetables and  porcini mushrooms topped with a delicious crust. Romanesco on a bed of sweet potatoes and black garlic pesto was loaded with flavor. The garlic had the perfect amount of spice. The artichoke puree with crispy oyster mushrooms, yellow tomato bearnaise and kelp caviar was quite tasty as well. Banana bread pudding was the perfect dessert to finish this most delicious meal. 

The drinks at Crossroads are colorful, varied and eclectic.
I am almost reluctant to mention that the entire menu is vegan as you could easily eat an entire meal here without realizing this.
Pryor Events are fans of Crossroads Kitchen.